Fraud SBI

They call themselves “Banker to every Indian”, it should be taken as the “Money soaker to every Indian”, the incident is as follows: from my #SBI Ruby Park account a certain amount has been deducted on 1st April,2015 as “Return Charges” and also from my #Beliaghata account on the same day (remember it was the annual bank closing day) charges deducted as “Cheque Return Charges” where I had issued no cheque at all even the cheque number was not given on the statement where it usually happens to…
I approached #SBI Ruby park manager on the next day and he had no clue about it and said he had to write to the higher authorities. Now today when I went to him I was shocked to hear that that #asshole didn’t get time to write in 10 days……
This is the true nature of State Bank of India
Remember there are crore of accounts and for any other reason they are deducting money from the customers and by this they collect thousand of crores of suspense money by fraudulent practices…..
This is shocking but true that even PSU banks remain in the shadow of corrupted politicians and criminals and the common people have to suffer a lot for their hard earned money being galloped by malpractices


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