The Twilight Saga

It’s 8 PM now. Mimi was still waiting for a bus which would take her to home for only 7 rupees. Few buses were passing by, but not for her choice as for those buses she had to change which would cost double. She opened her purse and found only 20 rupees left. For the past two months she hadn’t got salary. Whatever was left at home had been given to the grocery shop. Mimi remembered her father, when he had his job, life was not miserable at all. One road accident made her father paralyzed forever. A private company gave only some compensation and inhaled his job. That money smoked away after a   few months and they were left with nothing except tears and regret.

The balance was low so she called up home for the last time. She whispered to her mother that she would be coming shortly. She heard the treble voice of her father.

As the tears were running from eyes, she looked beside. The street was near empty. In that winter night, few street dogs and beggars and faint light from the vapor lamp made a ghostly atmosphere. A car came speedily and suddenly stopped in front of her. As the window opened up, few men looked upon her and said “hey, come with us, we will take you to home, we are policemen”.

Dad came home with a packet. Mimi was helping her mother in cooking. Dad shouted “Come Mimi, this is your gift for new year”. That was a novel written by her favorite author. Mimi was so happy, she smelled the book.  She replied “I also have a wonder for you, Dad”.  She bought a pen box for her father for New Year from the money she earned through tuition.

Mimi looked upon her watch. It’s 8.30 PM and there were no sign of a bus she was looking for. Mimi hesitated, pondered upon and got into the car. She seated in between two men, the window closed. Mimi couldn’t recognize the place the car was heading. Those men were laughing for any reason might be they joked on something.

Mimi was shivering, she couldn’t believe it. She got 82% marks at the 12th board. She looked up for her father in that crowd. That old man was standing at a corner and slowly came to her.  He read her eyes and put his hands on her head.  Mimi enfolded her father.  The sanity of love showered on them.

Mimi started sweating. She asked the driver where the car was heading.  Suddenly it stopped. One man opened the door, at that foggy night Mimi saw the hoarding of the pathology centre, she knew. “Madam, you have reached home”, one said. Mimi whispered something and rapidly went out from the car. She forgot to thank. The car speeded away.

She left with 20 rupees which would help her for next day trip. The sanity of kindness showered on her.


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