Me and My Photoframe

My day began with high blood pressure. They performed all the blood and pathological tests on me. I was carrying my two daughters’ photo in a photoframe which I placed beside my bed. It seemed as though the two of them were smiling at me saying that there was nothing to worry.

After some time they took me to the operation theatre and I asked the doctor when the operation will start and to my surprise the doctor said that the operation was over.

I was placed again in my private room.

They were beside my bed at a photoframe smiling at me.

The problem started at around 4 in the afternoon as the effect of spine anesthesia was getting over. I shouted almost every time for doctor’s help. Lastly I realized that I will have to bear the pain myself. I had hazy eyesight. I can’t recall who came to visit me that evening but clearly I could see that they two were in a photoframe smiling at me.

For the next two days, I was given only water and watery like soups. That was my breakfast, lunch and dinner. The saline water and antibiotics were running through my veins. I looked at the photoframe and cried in silence and felt that perhaps I couldn’t do much good for them; the elder one is a preschooler and the younger one didn’t even start speaking. I cried like a helpless father with all my sentiments pouring from my eyes.

They were at the photoframe and smiling at me.


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