Delhi Terrifies

It’s now 8 at night. Mimi is still out. She is supposed to come back by 7 P.M  I called her several times. Her phone is continuously ringing. Today is 29th Dec. Mimi is out for her coaching class at Ballygunge. She usually takes a bus to reach home, and by the time I end up with the newspaper she reaches home sharply by 7.00. Why is she still outside?

Delhi terrifies me………..

23rd October was a memorable day 17 years ago, when I heard the news of her birth at a city hospital. I cried, jumped, sang and did everything to express myself. I called up everybody to share the news. I became father of a daughter for the first time.

It’s now 8.30 p.m.  I am sweating heavily in this cold winter night. I asked Nitu to give me the phone numbers of all her friends. She replied that she spoke to many of them and they were all at home.  Then why not Mimi? What is she doing?

Nitu assured me that she might have gone to attend a birthday party; she is a good girl and will certainly reach home safely.  Should I go to the local police station or wait for a while? I can’t relax. Oh God! What is she doing? Delhi terrifies me…………………

I can happily remember her first day at school. She walked through the door with her little steps. She turned back and smiled at me. I was standing at the gate. After half an hour I heard her crying. I told the lady at the front desk to release her from school. That’s enough for the first day. She went inside and came back and replied Mimi was not crying any more. She was happy to get new books and many new friends. After attending school we were coming back in a rickshaw and Mimi told nice stories about her school.

It’s nearly 9 P.M I have already taken more than two sleeping pills. I wanted to relax. Nitu was in the kitchen and asked me if I wanted some coffee. I said no. I asked her to call up Mimi again. She replied that Mimi called up and said she was……………………………….

I am near to be faint. I can’t be able to hear what Nitu is telling. My heartbeat is vigorous. My sight is full of shadows. I can’t see anymore. I can’t talk anymore. The sleeping pills taking their course…………………

By the end of this story, Mimi reached home safely. Her father had a long sleep. But perhaps many of Mimis couldn’t. And for their fathers……………

Delhi still terrifies them.


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