Mimi is so happy. She has a lot of toys, in spite of when she collects bus tickets from me, when I come back home from my office, it makes her feel so happy. She has a special box to keep all the tickets what she gets from me. And often she looks at it and shares her joy. I wonder out of so many things in her daily life, this small piece of token can make her feel so happy. And I make sure every day I hand over bus tickets to her.

I can distinctly remember her 5th birthday last year in October. We had a miserable time before that. I lost my father and Mimi’s best friend, her grandfather. All of a sudden life became void after 3rd September, 2012. Shadows and emptiness filled up our life. Her grandfather was so eager to celebrate her 5th birthday. But life couldn’t permit him to do so. We had a small celebration on Mimi’s 5th birthday.

Some relatives and some of her friends came, and for a while we forgot the emptiness. I make sure that she gets bus tickets from me every day. It became a daily routine for us.

Few years back, one day I was standing for an auto to go home. I thought what It would be like if a go through a bus. I jumped to an over crowded bus. There were not a place even to put my feet in. I was carrying my huge backpack and everybody was complaining about that. Like usual, I bought a ticket and when it came out from my pocket at home, Mimi asked for it. She said what a niece thing it was and she would put it in a special box. Mimi’s fantasy about tickets started from that day.

I was so angry. These public buses run so slowly and they pulled people in this Tiffin box like what we do with old newspaper under the table. I was standing almost by one leg. And I was sweating heavily. When the stoppage of my home will come? Time running like hours for minutes. And I was so angry I also thrashed people to get out when my stoppage came. And after that it was soothing and comfortable.  I was walking slowly through streets and what a thing to rejoice! , I thought, I hadn’t bought tickets. It saved me 7 rupees and in these days money doesn’t come like gifts.

I put my bag on sofa and was feeling happy a little bit, for an amount of money I saved. Mimi ran to me and asked for ticket. Where was the ticket? I tried to explain I didn’t have tickets for any other reason and I would give her costly toys in lieu of that. But she started crying. And I had nothing to do except I remorse for what I did. Money can’t buy happiness and for everything to behold of there is morality.


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