The Rainman

The Rainman…………….

I am so much perturbed by the articles appearing in this newspaper, they are writing much against me. I had spoken about the corruption and lies that hold beneath their news. And many times, I showed the lies against me to many people, but they laughed at me, they didn’t understand the truth that I had worked as a reporter in that newspaper and many times I rebelled against corruption.

I get fascinated when it rains. Whenever the sky is dark, I come out from my little room at the roof to feel the rain. I get drenched, I taste the rain drops, I feel the tenderness of little drops on my face and I am happy. But when the sun shines bright, I am disgusted. I hate light; my room is in complete darkness at all times, only when I write I light candles.

I don’t know whether anushka goes to school or not, I see nitu coming everyday carrying bags of vegetables or something at night to our home from roof top. I don’t bother. They are afraid of me.  I love rain and I love candles.

They tell me that I am in this room for the last eight years, and I lost my job, my earnings, my love for my family,  they say I am mad, they lie just like newspaper does. I am earning so much by writing against their corruption in a famous daily. I love rain. Can a mad man fall in love?  Once they said my mother was dead and I had to go, but I refused. I lit up candles and started writing against that newspaper in my little room.

It rains all the time. I can feel that I am wet, the drops are pouring on my skin. I remember anushka , she is  four yrs old, and I have just brought an admission form from a school and nitu, I gifted her a gold ring yesterday and my ma, tonight she has cooked rice and fish curry for me.

It has started raining again. I have come out from my room, the sky is dark, and so my mind is lightened. I have to get drenched then I will start writing about the abuse against me. I have to live long to feel the rain.  One day the rain will swallow me perhaps….


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